Microsoft sql client for mac

RazorSQL - Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases


Need to see the results for multiple tables at once? You can execute multiple queries and have the results for each displayed at the same time, including any errors and messages. This means it can and will outperform any of the other Java based database management interfaces. Best at the basics Table creation, custom queries, auto-complete and syntax highlighting are just some of the features you can expect.

Intuitive interface SQLPro boasts an intuitive interface, where the most basic to advanced database needs are easily accessible.

Just FYI, Microsoft's instructions for installing the latest drivers are here. Installing them is most easily done using homebrew , the Mac package manager:. The freetds.

Interfacing with Microsoft SQL Server from OSX

Check the specific location of the freetds. The default file already contains a standard example configuration, but all you need to do is add your server information to the end, as follows:. The host parameter should be either the network name or IP address of the database server, or "localhost" if SQL Server is running directly on your Mac e. A TDS version of 7. Do not use TDS versions 8. Oddly, they are not newer than version 7. They are actually obsolete aliases for older TDS versions and their use is discouraged.

Argh, my spine is bent!

Test the connection using the tsql utility, e. If this works, you should see the following:. TEXT fields. Download sqljdbc4. You will also need to specify the driver class which is com.

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Bottom line is nothing free is worthwhile, nor were most commercial non windows products However, now March I believe there are two serious contenders and worthwhile versions for the MAC and Linux which have a low cost associated with them. Vijit Coomara. So Python, Ruby, Java, friendship, love and sunny afternoons are worthless? Python, Ruby, and Java are definitely worthless. Love is not free - but is the best thing in the world. Sunny afternoons don't last. It's open source.

Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases

It's free, too. Bent Spine Argh, my spine is bent! I don't really need a GUI, but it would be nice to have for the color coding and resultset grid. Tuesday, February 13, 5: For discussions on features exposed through tools, please post to the directly-related forum 36 1. Leave a comment?

You can run multiple sessions with multiple databases concurrently. I've used it extensively, and find it very mature. It also has lots of nice extras script generation, SQL formatting and highlighting, metadata displays, cross-DB table copying. It even has plugins to give access to DB-specific functionality, if you need it.

And it's free software. I probably should have been a little bit more detailed. I have been using DbVisualizer but it seems to chew up a lot of memory on Mac os x. It doesn't do to bad on windows and I don't seem to have a problem with it there. Navicat has always worked well for me.

It's a little pricey but it works well. Although not a dealbreaker, it's a very annoying feeling to watch every character you type trail behind you by half a second. I like SQLGrinder. Devin Ceartas. Navicat is fairly good, except is has some quirks like getting listings of every table and field in every database on the server I don't Navicat myself, but one of the guys I work with does and something he does causes this.

Best at the basics

I don't use the MS product because it is only limited to MS SQL. JDBC client applications in any JVM to use ODBC data sources on Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) . SQLPro for MSSQL is the Premier application for editing and viewing SQL Server databases on mac os x.

Navicat supports SQL Server. I do realize that this answer is old, but deserves to be updated. Remote Desktop for OS X is supported, and a new version has been released within the last year. It's a Universal Binary, it's lightning fast, and has just about every feature of its Windows counterpart. While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference.

Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes.

Connect To SQL Server On A Mac Via Docker

Alex Martelli. There clearly are mac clients seeing as how there is a plethora of other answers listing them.

What plugin do you use? The download link for Gorilla SQL seems to be broken.