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Related Questions Convert. MOI files? Please read description.? What program plays. MOD or. Help with my camcorder? MOI Extensions? More questions. The other major drawback is the fact, that the host will always be the one with the most money.

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Will Switch players be able to play with PC players? Knowledge Base. In my opinion there should be at least cons and 25 pros that can be opposed as yearly blessing or curses. The new options on the left allow you to pre-build up to three cabins on your farm. Mrs Nobody. Charlotte Chesh. For example you would individually have to win enough coins to purchase the one at the fall fair.

Unless they only play with someone on. I think it should be implemented, but as an option, and maybe not in this update. Although it would be nice, if it was implemented in this update. I think its good the way it is… i mean you and your friend got this farm and the farm got this cashpool. You could earn more with more players but you also spend more bag upgrades 4k-8k and next bag 20kk the same for tool upgrade cabin upgrades and the real costly Iridium fishing Rod,.

So yes we could earn more if each are doing different things, I can also say for the mines when first starting out 2 or all need to work together in there. With even 1 other player that would be easier. Stairs cost to much and they should be ladders they should use maybe 30 wood for each ladder! And they should stack! Even if they only a few per stack maybe? I want to go into this debate with the premise that you can choose between these two options. You can choose to have a shared wallet or have separate wallets if they were added , because this way no one would lose anything.

Like you said, when having a good chill time a shared wallet definitely works. If your friend buys the seeds, plants them, and you help to pick them up but give them to your friend to sell them; he will get the money.

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And just make separate boxes or so that who puts the item into the box gets the money. Point being, whoever sells it gets the money.

You just need to talk it out with your friend on who gets and what. If there was an option to build multiple barns, coop, etc. Then I think it would make sense for everyone to have their own barn, coop, etc. Again, other one works perfectly for shared wallets and the other one works perfectly for separated wallets. I personally just think this sort of major aspect of the game could have multiple options that work!

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Just like how the game has different interest rates to make the game normal or slower than normal. In our case, some people like having their own progress but in a multiplayer environment, some people want to progress with their friends. All of those options fit different types of people and the more of these options there are available the more this game can bring fun to different types of people.

Sure, at first sharing a wallet was extremely weird, but after a while we got used to it. Purchasable money bags. Then the host is allowed to buy buildings no problem. The money bag fills two ways: Although they CAN trade money using the allowance system. There should also be an option on the settings: This lets you run the system how you want. No, just to share a farming experience.

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I was imagining this more like that. You need me to spell it out for you? Having four different farms means you no longer have to make hard choices about seasonal plants to grow. Since you have four times the space and some might even just forego animals completely. This is stardew valley, bro. People well not all of us apparently dont play this for a hardcore gaming experience. Having to pool all of your resources together in one place aka ONE farm is the best way to promote cooperation.

These are the facts. You can cover your ears all you want.


Theres only 1 way coop should be played. But options are always good if it was an option along with the existing mode how would it affect you with your gameplay? Why are you so determined to just ruin and deconstruct what someone else wants as fun? Why are you like this? You underestimate how easily people can get selfishly absorbed when they have their own little corner of something.

Having a single farm means everyone is pooling their resources together no matter what and that in turn improves Cooperation. I am stating facts you refuse to face. Alex did someone hurt you by leaving your farm to go work in their own? Im actually fine with the singular farm, the only actual problem for me is that it is kinda small….

A balance pass that accounts for having four times the space to do with as you please? Good luck with that.

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OMG, it would be great to have an expanded map like that. Those mods make me the happiest. Like the gas station mod. When I copy and paste the beta code it tells me the code is invalid.

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I really dont care about coop but its a good thing, I just hope you add new DLC I dont care if we must pay for it just please add new more stuff in the future. I have the exact same Issue. Did not find a solution yet, either. Online in Steam, everything Public, Reinstalled, restarted the game, steam and the whole computer.

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Waited an hour in the main screen to give it time to connect to steam… Nothing worked. Hope the few who got the problem get it fixed soon. Step 1. Like really?

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How to play MOD on Mac? MOD videos can be viewed on a computer with a player that is capable of. I am trying to convert the files into something I could edit on my intel based imac. I recently downloaded QT Pro but can't resolve the issue.

Did you even read the comments in this website? For some weird reason whenever I try to join it only gives me the option to join through LAN.