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Give me a solution to reset my Keychain Password. Try repairing your keychain. It typically asks for the original keychain password but it should, typically, be your login password. To repair your keychain follow the steps below:. The Keychain is designed to be fairly secure. Even if you reset the admin password, you still don't have access to a user's keychain.

Use your Apple ID to reset your password

AppleSetupDone in single-user mode. This is recommended so that you don't have to go through the trouble of resetting your password if you ever forget it. You can use the Apple ID associated with the account in question to reset the admin password, but only if these conditions are true:. None of the above worked for me Trying to remove a user password from a friends computer for her sons after she died. If you're logged in on your account, log off and then select the other admin account. The password of your macOS user account is also known as your login password.

All you can do is reset the keychain itself, and start a new one. Essentially setting aside the old one in case you later remember the password.

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From a security standpoint, it's a good thing. A stolen Mac doesn't hand over all your passwords to a thief, even if he knows the procedure for circumventing the admin password. Here is an Apple document describing the keychain, and how to change the password, if you know the old one. An administrator can change your login password without knowing the old password. The is no way for anyone to change a keychain password without knowing the old password.

Normally your login password is the same as the keychain password. For you to change your login password, you need to enter the old password and new password. After the software changes your login password, an attempt is made to change the keychain password.

This only succeeds if the old password you entered is the current keychain password. When an administrator overrides you old login password with a new password, the old password is never entered into the software.

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Without the old login password,. If you do not know the old password i. If there are any problems click Repair then Start. If that doesn't work then try Resetting your Keychain. Via Apple's Instructions you just need to do these steps:. The password of your macOS user account might not match the password of your login keychain. If you don't own another Apple device, you can opt to receive the code by phone or SMS text.

Enter the code in the field provided. When you first log in after changing your administrator password, you are greeted with a dialog box telling you that the system wasn't able to unlock your login keychain. It may seem like a huge problem that your original login keychain is locked to the original password, and you find yourself forced to not only create a new keychain but also to resupply all those account IDs and passwords that you've built up over time with your Mac.

Having the login keychain locked from access is a good security measure. If resetting the administrator account also reset the keychain files, then anyone could gain access to the login information you use with many services, including banking, credit cards, investments, and all the other websites on which you have accounts. They could also start sending and receive messages using your email account or use Messages to impersonate you.

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It may seem like a major hassle to have to recreate all of your old login information, but it sure beats the alternative. One thing you can do is use a secure third-party password service as a place to store your login information for various services.

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If you want to find more password management options, open the Mac App Store and search for the word password. If any of the apps look interesting, check the manufacturer's website. Many times they include demos that aren't available from inside the Mac App Store.

Changing your Master Password on macOS

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If you need to recover the Mac password on an administrator account, If you forget the MacBook admin password, the best place to locate the. Alternatively, if you have forgotton the password to the admin account on your Mac you may also find this article helpful: How to change the.

Click the Reset Password button in the right pane. Click Change Password. Enter the new password along with a password hint and click Reset Password. You'll be asked to restart when you are done. See apple. OS X can only test if an attempted password is the administrator password.

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Hashed Passwords Passwords are stored as mathematically derived hashes of the original. Graham Miln Graham Miln You can change the password without having the password, it just requires being technically inclined and knowing your way around the Mac and the Terminal, as well as restarting a bit, and it isn't always doable, such as if FileVault is enabled.


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MAC TUTORIAL: How to Reset Mac 'Master Password'

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