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McDonalds admitted that they kept their coffee temperature between and degrees Fahrenheit. They used this temperature based on a consultant's advice that this was the range needed for the best taste. McDonalds originally claimed that customers intended to consume the coffee after they got to work or home at which time the coffee would have cooled down.

McDonald’s worker slams ‘unbearable’ working conditions after kitchen temperature hit 37C

However, McDonalds' own internal research showed that most of the customers drank the coffee while still in their car. McDonalds admitted that they had not studied the dangers associated with these high temperatures. It was found that other fast food restaurants sold their coffee at significantly lower temperatures. Coffee served by people in their homes was in the degree range. Plaintiff's had an expert on thermodynamics related to skin burns. He testified that liquids at degrees would cause a full-thickness burn to human skin in two to seven seconds.

As the temperature of the liquid fell to degrees the likelihood of a burn injury would fall exponentially.

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  3. We visited a meat-processing factory to find out exactly how McDonald's hamburgers are made;
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If the coffee served to Ms. Liebeck was degrees it would have cooled enough to avoid a significant injury when she spilled it. McDonalds argued that their customers knew the coffee was hot and the customers wanted it that way.

There was a statement on the side of the cup but McDonalds agreed that it was only a "reminder" that the coffee was hot. The writing on the cup was not located in a position to serve as an actual warning and McDonalds admitted to this fact. McDonalds also admitted that the customers were not aware that the coffee being served could cause full-thickness burn injuries if contacting the skin. The most damaging testimony against McDonalds actually came from its own quality assurance manager who testified that McDonalds required their restaurants to keep the coffee pot temperature at degrees.

He admitted that a burn risk existed for any food or drink served at over degrees and that the coffee poured into the cups was not yet fit for consumption since it was well above that temperature. Burns to the mouth and throat would occur if the consumer would drink the coffee at that temperature. He also stated that McDonalds had no plans to reduce the temperature of its coffee.

Even though the punitive damages award seemed high, it only amounted to about two days' worth of national coffee sales for McDonalds at that time.

McDonald’s makes a big change to their 7 classic burgers

We usually cook less of the items we don't see as much of ex. Liebeck was degrees it would have cooled enough to avoid a significant injury when she spilled it. About: Free to Cook is a web show that will help gluten free people cook easy, fun and delicious food at home. Easy ways to save a buck. Post Cancel. These succulent beef patties are complimented by a tasty combination of crisp lettuce, diced onion, cheese and a sesame seed bun.

The high punitive damages award got quite a lot of press. The states have all been concerned about high punitive damages awards as these awards seem to undermine a core value of our justice system, i. Money transfers. Health insurance.

Sorry, Big Mac fans. You need to wait until 10:30 a.m. to place your order—at least, for now.

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Burgers are cooked to order in the restaurant and to ensure the best quality are never held for more than 20 minutes. Sign in. Sarah Alderton 01 December Only boneless, whole cuts from the forequarter and flank of cattle are used. For technical reasons, fresh beef is blended with frozen beef, which arrives in 25kg blocks. The factory is able to trace each batch back to the farm of origin.

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Temperature is price for Quarter Pounder, Sausage McMuffin Pounder contains calories and its Big Mac sandwich contains calories. The colder the temperature, the cheaper the Big Mac! Southern Wisconsin, the deals will get hotter at participating McDonald's Restaurants. The official temperatures will then be posted at each McDonald's restaurant and.

Fresh and frozen meat is mixed together to help bind the meat.