Reset user password mac os x 10.6

Reset a Lost OS X Account Password

Is it possible that applejack or onyx cancel the command-s??? Almost worked! Got thru step 3 after I figured out there was no space before the period of. What happens after the reboot is the sign-in screen appears asking for a name and password. Nothing entered works to get past this point. I think the resources which enable the Login and Login Options are so badly damaged that only a complete system installation can fix.

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A perfect advice for entire world to use this unified examples. Very beautifully recovered my system, using your tricky methods. Congratulation for you support. Thank you very much. It will not work for me I have tried the Command S so many times durring reboot and powering on but it never goes to the terminal only the log in.

Forgot Mac Password? See how to Reset Without Disk

I recently bought an iMac G5 at a surplus store. It keeps going to the login screen. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Everything works great. This worked perfectly for me. Nothing else ever worked. Thank you so much for the help!!! I just had to reset my password and this worked perfect on the first try…. I cant get past the welcome wizard; i fill out everything and continue on to the next but once im done and I reach click on the button that creates the account, which should be the last step.

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It then starts me up all over again on the welcome wizard! Got the set up wizard part done, however system preferences and a number of other applications on the dock appear as question marks and do not open. Can anyone help me fix this? For this till step 3 is ok. In fact, it appears my computer does not show the administrator account if it exists. Please help!!! I followed all of the instructions, but instead of the welcome wizard coming up, the log in screen comes back!!! It worked to create a new account but not reset the password for the old account!!!

Wanna cry…. I did it and lost all the files I have on the computer including my Itunes library etc.

Reset Any Mac OS X Password without Administrative Access or Losing Data

How do I get it back. Please help me. Worked great — thank you!

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  • Reset a Lost OS X Account Password?
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I mounted the drive removed applesetupdone and now my Macbook Pro dosnt boot up. I have tried everything. I have a danish key board. He is running He wanted to update Flash Player, while over at my place and had forgotten his password. I was able to change it, using the cmd S and terminal mode. But was unable to change his keychain password. Hours of searching and I landed here. Is this a work around to get him back into his keychain? I would be a REAL hero if this will work for that.

I am hesitant to try this unless it will get me where I need to go. I am afraid of resetting his keychain and loosing all of his passwords. Hi I managed to do all the steps but when i try to log into my old account it says that the system was unable to unlock the login keychain?

Please advise? Oh wait, never mind I was on the account I just made lol sorry!

I forgot my Macbook OS X password! How do I reset the forgotten Macbook password?

This worked like a charm thank you so much! I have irreplaceable pictures on here I wanted to get ahold of.

It worked!!! My boyfriend was making me mad and to be immature I reset my password on my computer. Well it backfired! I want to thank you for posting this. After visiting other blogs, trying their methods, I was feeling like I was going to have to give up. I came across this blog, and I thought it says it is only for Snow Leopard… but what do I have to loose.

I tried it, and it worked with my old Mac. It was a Tiger to begin with and I updated it to a Leopard.

Great resource. I spent hours on you tube and found nothing helpful. I found this and it work great, I was able to use my mac again thanks to you. The laptop is not rebooting. The Apple is there, and the little wheel not the beach ball just keeps spinning. This guy is a genius!! Thanks a million! HI i tried the same method now i have new account i have resetted the password also but i am not able to reset the keychain login password now i cant go back to my old account pls help..

Forgot Admin account / Root (System Administrator) Password on Mac OS X ?

Brilliant, finally got into my old Mac Mini which I had given up on! Self Help Only. Cookies Policy. Can you help? Great resource.

I desperately tried your approach. Just worked for me. I was able to reset the keychain password with my Apple ID that I did know. I am not a geek, so i do not have anything to add other than it helps me understand that anyone that has the physical computer can reset an admin password…. I am a Novice Mac user but not new to computers. I have used dozens of sites. This one is by far simple and easy to use.

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Thanks for the pics too! You are awesome indeed. I tested this and worked for my Snow Leopard. Your information, neMo, helped.